Overall Viro Botnet Removal


What is Overall Viro Botnet

Overall Viro Botnet virus is capable of detecting all the user’s files and after encryption marking them with .enc extension, later asking for 500 EUR (582,48 USD) ransom in BTC (0,090). No matter that the spreading is not fully functioning properly, Viro Botnet virus is dangerous and can harm your system, moreover lock all the precious files. In this article, we will explain a little bit more about Viro Botnet ransomware, how it really works, distributes and how to avoid and remove it, so, please, keep on reading. Once

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Leblonmedia.com Pop-up


What is Leblonmedia.com

Nowadays advertisements and various appearing promos follow us in the majority of websites we visit, however even the online marketing has limits and sometimes enough is enough. Pop-ups and redirects once in a while can be a pretty normal occurrence but if you start experiencing such browser activities that lead you to irrelevant sites, scams, ads and etc. every single time you press on a link or search button, then it means that it is time to clean your PC because there may be a malicious program that is causing pop-ups like Leblonmedia.com and using you to generate money for hackers and companies in shady ways.

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Yetill.com Pop-up


What is Yetill.com

Yetill.com is one of those strange pop-up websites that appear in your browser once you visit another shady page with tons of advertisements and links. It asks for the permission to show notifications but in reality this way it seeks your indirect permission to access browser settings to secretly download malicious scripts and write itself into your Mozilla or Chrome to bother you each time you surf the net with other excessive pop-ups, aggressive ads, Redirects and etc. On the other hand, if you experience Yetill.com notifications even when you go to considerably clean websites or pop-ups come up randomly throughout the surfing session then it may indicate a more serious issue with your PC.

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WinZip Driver Updater


What is WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater sounds and looks like one of many systems optimizing tools that promise to update all drivers just in one click, ensure that your Windows are always up to date and to back up and restore any drivers whenever you need it. Such type of software can come in handy, but not WinZip Driver Updater, unfortunately. Instead of actually doing a proper job and helping users to make their system better, WinZip Driver Updater falsely shows alerts that some drivers immediately need attention and that they can only be renewed only if you purchase the full version of the product.

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Desu Ransomware


What is Desu

Desu Ransomware – very dangerous computer virus that can encrypt your personal files and demand for a ransom in order to unlock them. That’s a typical scheme of cyber criminals operating ransomware infections. It can cause severe damage to your system and you can get ripped off if you decide to actually meet their requirements and pay the money. This infection was discovered in August 2018, yet it has already received several updates and improvements. That indicates the fact that developers of this wicked infection are really doing their best to infect as many computers as possible and make a profit.

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Remove Awesomesearch.online


What is this infection

Awesomesearch.online is a weird browser intruder that might redirect you to make traffic. The redirect virus will hijack your Internet browser and perform unwelcome modifications to it. Although undesirable modifications and questionable reroutes irritate a large number of users, hijackers are not malevolent system viruses. They don’t directly damage one’s computer but they do spike the feasibility of encountering dangerous malware. Redirect viruses aren’t concerned with what portals users could be routed to, thus malware could download if you were to visit a malware-ridden portal. This doubtful site will lead you to questionable sites, therefore one should remove Awesomesearch.online.

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ShutUpAndDance ransomware


What is ShutUpAndDance

On August 15, 2018, MalwareHunterTeam reported on their Twitter account about another Hidden Tear virus variant called ShutUpAndDance. This ransomware virus seems to be a typical crypto demanding threat like its other Github open-source malware project brothers AndreaGalli, PooleZoor, Sorry, Horros, Krypton, LanRan. It encrypts victim’s files with AES cipher, appends .ShutUpAndDance extension to their names and drops a READ_IT.txt ransom note with directions to contact the crooks for file recovery (the amount of ransom is not known).

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Search.searchmmd.com browser hijacker


What is Search.searchmmd.com

Search.searchmmd.com suddenly came up as a new tab page on your web browser? That’s because the web browser you are using was occupied by a malicious extension My Map Direction. It is a browser hijacker that can easily modify your personal settings and take advantage of the situation when your computer is infected. What possible consequences you can suffer due to this malicious tool operating on your system? Well, first of all, you will definitely experience worse web browsing. Also, it can infiltrate other malware into your system, thus it could lead to more severe consequences. Finally, your personal data can be leaked, that’s probably the worst feature of them all.

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Search.awesomesearch.online virus


What is Search.awesomesearch.online

Search.awesomesearch.online is another browser hijacker developed by eAnswers. This type of malware targets the victim’s browser instead of the operating system and alters the settings to make itself as the preferred search engine, new tab, and homepage. While this is mostly viewed as the annoying qualities of the Search.awesomesearch.online hijacker, in reality these changes allow developers to do much more malicious things than you can imagine.

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