How to remove Page update


What is Page update

Page update is an unwanted add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It is quite unlikely that people will make their personal decision to install it. In fact, it was very uneasy for us to download the add-on solely for the purpose of analyzing its impact on the Mozilla Firefox browser. However, we found out that the Page update add-on is distributed through pop-up windows. After performing a thorough analysis of browser modifications introduced by the add-on we came to the conclusion that it is absolutely not safe and should be immediately disabled and removed. A similar resolution was made by many reputable anti-malware programs and online website scanners. Page update is considered as a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

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How to remove PCActivator


What is PCActivator

PCActivator is a fake system optimization program. It does not have a fully functional engine to increase the speed of your PC. Instead, it uses intentional false positives to make people think their computers have severe issues. When they try to fix these reported troubles, PCActivator mentions that its full version needs to be purchased in order to get these issues resolved. PCActivator is additionally spread through many deceptive channels, primarily through bundling. It may be integrated into installers of other free applications. However, the installer usually fails to clearly mention that there are many additional programs in it. People sometimes skip reading important details mentioned during the setup process, or the information may be presented in a small print. Clicking on the “Install†button automatically injects PCActivator. Based on this reason and considering the failure of PCActivator to fix real computer problems, it is correctly identified as a PUP (potentially unwanted program).

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How to remove Rectot


What is Rectot

Rectot is a serious virus that affects computers running the Windows operating system. Rectot is a type of ransomware (cyber extortion) that encrypts files to make them inaccessible until a ransom is paid.

The symptoms of Rectot

Files that are encrypted by Rectot are named .Rectot. Not only are they renamed, but they’re also totally encrypted. Editing them will not fix them. A ransom note put into a _readme.txt file. The ransom note changes very little from the other DJVU/STOP viruses (Dotmap, Drume, Promorad2) and starts like this:

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How to delete Shipment Tracker


What is Shipment Tracker

If you noticed that your browser has changed its default page to, it’s been hijacked by Shipment Tracker. Shipment Tracker is a browser extension which is considered to be a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It monitors users’ search queries, forces them to use its favored search engine, and profits from ads injected into the search results. Antivirus programs consider the Shipment Tracker installer to be adware.

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Ferosas Removal


What is Ferosas

Ferosas is a virus that infects a computer and corrupts the files on it. A ransom of hundreds of dollars is demanded of the victims if they want to get their files back. This file-locking ransomware affects Windows computers and can be very devastating for those who aren’t ready. Still, there are a few possible solutions to get at least some of the corrupted files back. If your computer was infected with Ferosas, then a lot of the files have become unusable. The encrypted files simply have a new extension appended to their names — .Ferosas. These can be image, video, audio, files, text files, spreadsheets, and a multitude of other types.

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Remove My Quick Converter


What is My Quick Converter

My Quick Converter v4.10 is an ad-supported extension that is presented as a harmless addon that would make it easier to convert files between various types. It also changes browser settings to make advertising easier, allowing My Quick Converter v4.10 to be considered a browser hijacker.

Redundant functions

The conversion functions that My Quick Converter offers are easily accessible without it. There are ways to turn almost any text, image, or spreadsheet file into a pdf without using third-party tools (and additional ads), so My Quick Converter is very unlikely to be needed by anyone. Consider that the extension is for desktop browsers. On desktops, we have a lot of basic software available, like image viewers and text editors. They generally come preinstalled with the operating system. And they make it simple to create PDF files from almost anything. For example, if you’re using a Mac, text files, images, and spreadsheets can be exported to PDF files from the main menu. Windows, too, allows many types of files to be printed to a PDF document. So, My Quick Converter putting a few links to online file converters does not seem very useful.

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Delete Pirate Chick VPN


What is Pirate Chick VPN

Pirate Chick VPN — a program that says that it’s a free-trial VPN tool — has been caught distributing a dangerous Trojan. And though it might not be distributing anything so dangerous at the moment, it’s worth considering using another VPN if you care about keeping your passwords private. Pirate Chick VPN is not much different from other programs that infect computers with serious malware while under the guise of being safe, no-nonsense product: Securedisk.exe, Cloud Packager, the recent Aurora Cheat tool.

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Delete GetCrypt


What is GetCrypt

GetCrypt is a file-locking ransomware virus. This type of virus gets into a computer (or a network), finds and encrypts all the files that aren’t necessary for the operating system, then demands money for returning them to normal. Usually, a ransomware attack is very devastating for those who do not have recent backups of their files, but in this case, Emsisoft developed and just released a decryptor which will allow victims of GetCrypt to restore their files without paying any ransoms to cybercriminals.

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Remove GardeningEnthusiast


What is GardeningEnthusiast

GardeningEnthusiast is an extension that is there to provide gardening tips, but also delivers advertisements to its users through its search engine — MyWay. Because of the excessive settings changes that it performs, GardeningEnthusiast is classified as a browser hijacker. Though not a virus, GardeningEnthusiast should probably not be used by as many people as do. The GardeningEnthusiast extension can be distributed by adware bundles. If you have GardeningEnthusiast but never sought it out, it’s possible that you have adware or a few potentially unwanted programs — PUPs. Bundles might result in software being installed without your knowledge or permission, so, if that’s the case, you might want to scan your machine with an antivirus program and see if it finds anything suspicious. Bundles can be promoting relatively harmless PUPs, but some of them spread ransomware.

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